The intuitive controller for space games,
robotics, and VR applications.
Six degrees of freedom, or 6DOF, means that the
joystick measures movement in three axes of rotation
(yaw, pitch, and roll) and three axes of translation
(forward/backward, up/down, and left/right) just by
moving the handle in the desired direction.
It's a highly intuitive and fun way to play
spaceflight games, with many other professional
and hobby applications, such as drone flight,
robotics, CAD, and VR. The design is patent-pending
and works using an array of precise force sensors.
A frictionless, balanced, spring steel suspension
provides kinesthetic motion feedback without any
moving parts. The stick has 32 ambidextrous mappable
inputs, and two analog thumb dials. It also includes
programmable modes for changing axis settings and
button mapping to adapt to different tasks and
situations on the fly.
We kickstarted a small number of early access units
in November of 2019. We're working toward a larger and
lower-priced product launch soon! To find out when
we announce the launch date, you can subscribe to our
email list below.